Budgeting Services

The operating budget presents a company's business plan in financial terms. It reflects the company's goals and action plans and establishes a basis for measuring and evaluating performance. All businesses should prepare an annual operating budget as part of its business planning process.

Individual budgets should be prepared for each area of your business. A "master budget” or a collection of all the individual budgets is then compiled, to serve as the comprehensive plan for your business.


An annual budgeting process gives your business several advantages:

  •  Requires manager and employees to plan
  •  Improves the functions of communication
  •  Provides the means for monitoring the progress of the business in achieving planned goals and allows for corrective mid course actions to be taken
  • Provides resource information that can be used to improve decision making
  •  Controls the use of resources and employees by setting a benchmark that can be used for subsequent evaluation of performance


We are prepared to work with you in planning and preparing appropriate operating and financial budgets in such areas as:

  •  Sales / Revenue
  •  General / Administrative
  •  Human Resources
  •  Marketing
  •  Selling
  •  Cash
  •  Capital Equipment

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